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[KF 9] Bibliographies and indexes to government documents

KF 195 Directories by specialization

B5 Bilingual
Business see C57
C4 Certified specialists
Colleges see E3
D4 Defence
E3 Education
F5 Food & drug
Judges see KF890.A19
P73 Process
Universities see E3

Canadian KF adds:

A4 Administrative law
A47 Aeronautics. Space law.
A57 Antitrust law
A8 Automobile law
B3 Banking law
Building law see C58
C57 Commercial law
C573 Communication law
C574 Computer law
C58 Construction law
D6 Domestic relations.  Family law.
E58 Entertainment law
E6 Environmental law
E96 Expert evidence. Forenic science.
Family law see D6
Forensic science see E96
F73 Franchise law
Fraternities see KF289
Health law see M43
H67 Hospital law
H68 Housing law
I5 Insurance law
I54 International law
Judicial officers see KF8700.A19
Juvenile court judges see KF9787.9
J8 Juvenile law
L3 Labor law
Law schools see KF292
Law teachers see KF266
Lawyer referral services see KF338.A33+
L43 Legal assistants
L53 Litigation.  Trial practice.
L6 Lobbyists
L62 Local government
M37 Maritime law
M43 Medical Law.  Health law.
Municipal goverment see L62
M54 Military justice
Ne Negligence law
Patent attorneys see KF3165.A3

P7 Probate law
P75 Property law
Public defenders see KF9646.A15
P85 Public utility law
R3 Railroad law
R44 Religion and law
S43 Science and law.  Technology and law.
Space law see A47
State government see L62
Student bar associations see KF288
Technology and law see S43
T5 Title abstracting.  Title investigation.
T7 Transportation law
Trial practice see L53

KF 310 Legal ethics.  Special topics A-Z

Canadian KF adds:

A4 Ambulance chasing
A43 Ancillary business activities
C58 Conflict of interests
G7 Group arrangements

KF 320 Law office management.  Special topics A-Z

Costs see KF315
Conflict resolution see KF9085
I53 Incoporation of lawyers
Flex hours see T5
Grammar see KF250
Humor see KF387
I58 Interviewing
L5 Library
Malpractice see KF313
Negotiating see KF9084
Paralegals see L4
P5 Personnel
P8 Purchasing
Q3 Quality control
Quotations see KF159
S6 Speaking
T3 Telephone
Technology see A9
Writing see KF520

Canadian KF adds:

A9 Automation
D6 Docket system of control
F5 Files and filing
I56 Insurance
Legal advertising see KF450.N6
Legal records see R42
L48 Letter writing
N48 Newsletters.  Publications.
O35 Office equipment and supplies
Publications see N48
R42 Legal records.  Records management and retention.
S73 Statistics.  Statistical methods.
T5 Timekeeping
T73 Translating
T9 Typewriting
Word processing see A9

KF 418 Conflict of laws. Particular branches A-Z.

Commercial law see KF879
Evidence see KF8956
E9 Extaterritoriality

Canadian KF adds:

A35 Admiralty
B3 Bankruptcy
C45 Citizenship
C47 Civil procedure
C5 Confiscations
C64 Corporations
Criminal jurisdiction see KF9230
C78 Custody of children
E4 Eminent domain
Foreign judgment see KF8729
I5 Industrial relations
L55 Limitation of actions
P47 Persons
P7 Property
S2 Sales
S7 Statute of frauds
S82 Succession upon death
T68 Transfer
T7 Trusts and trustees

KF 450 Concepts applying to several branches of law. Other A-Z

Parliamentary practice see R8
R8 Rules of order
S8 Statistics

Canadian KF adds:

A3 Actio personalis moritur cum persona
C3 Causation.  Proximate cause.
D85 Duress.
F3 Fictions.
G6 Good faith.
J8 Jurisdiction.
M4 Meetins cf. R8
O2 Oaths.  Affidavits.  Depositions.
R4 Recording and registration.
T5 Time (computation of time)
W3 Waiver.

KF 475 Capacity and disability.  General.

Include Conservatorships
Include Guardianships.

KF 480.5  Particular diseases or impairments A-Z

D44 Dementia
S4 Senility

Canadian KF adds:

A94 Autism
S3 Schizophrenia

KF 524 Property relationships.  General

Include Death of spouse

KF 536 Equitable distribution.

Include Valuation for distribution
cf Businesses KF1428, Professional practices KF2900, Real property KF6760.5

KF 542 Legitimacy.

Include Artificial insemination

KF 566-570 Real Property.

Development see KF5698.3
Investment see KF 1079
Land titles see KF679
Valuation see KF6760.5

KF 598 Land tenure.  Other interests

Include Time sharing

KF 685 Other modes of transfer A-Z

A47 Agreement to sell
E7 Exchange
P6 Power of sale

Canadian KF adds:

F5 Fines and recoveries
P7 Prescription (Law)

KF 697 Mortgages.  Special topics A-Z.

C6 Commercial
E5 Enforcement
Investment see KF1079
I58 Insurance

Canadian KF adds:

D4 Land debentures
D5 Discrimination in mortgage loans
I5 Interest
L5 Liability
S43 Secondary mortgage markets
V37 Variable rate mortgage loans

KF 701-705 Personal property.

Personal property security see KF1050

KF 736 Particular trusts A-Z

F6 Foreign trusts
P8 Public trusts

Canadian KF adds:

L3 Land trusts

KF 744 Trust companies

cf. KF1009

KF 760 Succession upon death. Special topics A-Z

A7 Artworks
P4 Pensions
Real property see KF755

Canadian KF adds:

C3 Capacity to make wills
L4 Legacies
P69 Pour overs
S8 Substitutions

KF 779 Administration of decedent's estates.  Special topics A-Z

F2 Family relief

Canadian KF adds:

A3 Accounting
A7 Assents
F4 Fees
S6 Small estates adminstration.  Public Trustees

KF 807 Contracts. General priniciples.

Equipment leases see KF946

KF 812 Contracts. Particular clauses A-Z.

P4 Penalties

Canadian KF adds:

E9 Exception clauses
Hold harmess arguments I5
I5 Indemnity against liability.

KF 905 Particular contracts. Other A-Z.

A68 Architects
E5 Engineering
E58 Environmental aspects
E9 Execution
M4 Media
P8 Publishing

Canadian KF adds:

A7 Artist's contracts
C6 Computer contracts

cf. KF 390.5.C6

KF 911-915 Sale of Goods. General

Include Commercial contracts
International contracts see KF1987

N3 Natural gas

KF 920 Transfer of property and title.

Real estate see KF3665

KF 935 Overseas sales.

cf KF 1976

KF 947 Hire of goods.

Include Leasing

KF 959 Negotiable instruments. Special topics A-Z

D6 Documentary credits
Collection of accounts see KF1024

Canadian KF adds:

H6 Holder in due course

KF 981-990 Particular kinds of banks. Federal reserve banks.

Advertising see KF1615.F6
Particular banks see KF1032

KF 1001.5  Foreign banks.

Include International banks

KF 1028 Letters of credit

Include International credit transfers

KF 1030  Banking. Other A-Z

C2 Capital inadequacy
C6 Counterfeit checks
E3 Failure
F2 Fraud
F3 Closing
I52 Interest
P2 Payments
T2 Transfer payments

Canadian KF adds:

E4 Electronic funds transfers
S3 Safe deposit boxes

KF1058 Liens. General.

Mechanical liens see KF900

KF 1073 Marketing of securities. Particular transactions A-Z

F5 Filing
G6 Government Securities
H4 Hedging
H9 Hybrid
L5 Listings
P8 Purchase agreements
S6 Speculation

Swaps see KF1038

Canadian KF adds:

I5 Insider trading in corporate securities
M3 Trading on margin
Stock options see P88
P88 Put and call transactions

KF 1074 Particular stock exchanges A-Z

A5 American (Chicago)

KF 1084  Stock exchange transactions. Special topics A-Z

A3 Advertising
A9 Automation
Registration see KF1439
S4 Short selling

Canadian KF adds:

Blue sky laws see S6
I5 Insurance.
S6 Speculation.

KF 1087 Particular commodity exchanges A-Z

Canadian KF adds:

C55 Chicago Board of Trade

KF 1114  Admiralty. Special topics A-Z

B7 Boundaries
B8 Brokering
E2 Economic Zones
F5 Fire
P65 Prize
R4 Registries
R8 Rule of the road at sea
T4 Territorial waters
Navigation see KF2531
Insurance see KF1135
Pleasure boats see KF2558.P5

Canadian KF adds:

D4 Demurrage
P6 Port charges
P7 Protests
T6 Towing. Tugboats

KF 1181 Personal insurance. Special topics A-Z

B3 Bad faith
F7 Fraud

KF 1190 Property insurance. General.

Include Fraud

KF 1220 Casualty insurance. Other A-Z

C6 Construction
E5 Environmental
L2 Landslides
T4 Third party

Canadian KF adds:

E83 Executives' liability
G68 Government risks
N4 Negligence, Professional
P5 Pollution
P6 Products liability

KF 1298 Environmental damages. General.

cf. KF3945

KF 1299 Particular types of damage A-Z

T7 Trees
Hazardous substances cf. KF3945

Canadian KF adds:

T5 Tires, Rubber
W38 Water pollution

KF 1301 Corporations. General.

B8 Business loss

Canadian KF adds:

H39 Hazardous substances, Improper disposal of.

KF 1301.5 Particular kinds of corporations A-Z

I59 International enterprises

Canadian KF adds:

B36 Banks'lender liability.
I58 Insurance

KF 1317 Particular groups of employees or industries A-Z

E5 Engineers
T2 Trade unions

Canadian KF adds:

L6 Longshoremen
M5 Mines

KF 1357 Accounting law

Include Controllership
Cf KF1446

KF 1386 Corporations. Special topics A-Z

E8 Ethics
I5 Incorporation
P6 Political activity

R4 Registration

Canadian KF adds:

C7 Criminal liability of juristic persons

KF 1390 Nonprofit corporations. Other A-Z

C4 Charities
Tax see KF6388
Trusts see KF740

Canadian KF adds:

C6 Collective settlements. Communes.
Professional associations see KF2902
Religious corporations and societies see KF4865

KF 1428 Dividends. General

Include Asset securitization
Security exhanges see KF1050

[KF 1428.5 Asset backed financing]

KF 1442 Common stock. Particular kinds A-Z

I5 International
Employee ownership see KF1386.E4
Exchanges see KF 1074 A-Z
S9 Synthetic

Canadian KF adds:

P7 Private placements

KF 1466 Close Corporations

Include Family corporations

KF 1477 Consolidation and merger

Splits see KF1416
Small business see KF 1659

KF 1480 Goverment-owned corporations and business organizations

Include Privatization

KF 1530 Bankruptcy. Special topics A-Z

D44 Demand for payment
L4 Leases
S8 Subordinational debt
Turnarounds see KF1548.T7
Workouts see KF1548.W6

Canadian KF adds:

A88 Automatic stays
E87 Evidence

KF 1535 Particular types of bankrupts A-Z

A4 Agriculture
Farms see A4

Canadian KF adds:

A37 Airlines. Aviation industry
Aviation industry see A37
C65 Computer industry
G73 Grain elevators
I58 Insurance companies
M85 Municipal corporations
P48 Petroleum industry
R43 Real estate investment companies

KF 1548 Other forms of debt relief

T7 Turnarounds
W6 Workouts

KF 1600 Occupational law.

Professions see KF2900
Collective bargaining by occupation see KF3409

KF 1601-1610 Unfair trade practices

Include Consumer protection
Include Competition acts

KF 1616 Advertising. By industry or products A-Z

F5 Financial services

Canadian KF adds:

B33 Bakery products
B34 Banking
D78 Drugs
F6 Food
O6 Optical industry
T5 Tobacco

KF 1657 Trade regulation. Special topics A-Z

V4 Vertical integration

Canadian KF adds:

Civil Procedure in suits brought by the US see KF9066.A5
C7 Criminal law. Criminal protection
I57 Interlocking directorates
Labor unions see KF3402
Patents see KF3116
P3 Parens patriae suits
P74 Private antitrust actions
T7 Triple damage suits

KF 1659 Small Business

cf. KF1466

[KF 1659.2 Home based businesses]

KF 1719  Forestry. Particular commodities A-Z

F6 Forest products

Canadian KF adds:

G7 Grain
M4 Meat. Poultry
P6 Potatoes

KF 1836 Particular metals A-Z

N5 Nickle

Canadian KF adds:

G6 Gold
T5 Tin

[KF 1832 Other minerals A-Z]

A44 Aggregates
P6 Potash

[KF 1834 Ferrous metals]

Environmental aspects see KF3816.M5

KF 1890 Major and heavy industries A-Z

A8 Automobiles
Chemicals see KF1875
E55 Electronics
M5 Microelectronics
P3 Paper
P4 Pipe, culverts

Canadian KF adds:

C6 Computers
E4 Electrical machinery
E5 Electrial industries
H53 High technology
M8 Munitions
S7 Steel

KF 1893 Consumer products. Light industries A-Z

B64 Breweries
F8 Furniture
M3 Magazines
Printing see B57
Publishers seek B57

Canadian Kf adds:

B56 Biotechology industries
B57 Book industries and trade
H6 Home appliances
P46 Phonorecords
T6 Toys (Y)
T68 Toys
V53 Video tape recorders

KF 1984 International trade. Particular commodities A-Z

A4 Agriculture
C8 Cultural property
I5 Insurance
S4 Securities
S5 Services
T4 Textiles
T6 Tourist trade

Canadian KF adds:

A9 Automobiles
C45 Chromium
T5 Tin

KF 1990 Export controls and regulations. Particular commodities A-Z

A8 Automobiles
P4 Petroleum
T4 Technology

Canadian KF adds:

A7 Art objects
C54 Coal
E5 Electricity
N82 Nuclear materials

KF 1996 Import controls and regulations. Particular commodities A-Z

C57 Corn
F5 Fisheries
F6 Footwear

Canadian KF adds:

A96 Automobiles

KF 2036 Retail Trade. Particular products A-Z

B8 Bulk sales
Supermarkets see G7

Canadian KF adds:

B6 Book trade
C5 Cigarettes
Contact lenses see E93
E93 Eyeglasses
G3 Gasoline
H4 Hearing aids
M63 Mobile homes
Motor vehicles see A8
Radio recievers see T4
T4 Television and radio recievers
T7 Trading stamps

KF 2042 Service trades. Particular trades A-Z

Cemetaries see KF 3781

K2268 Traffic regulation and enforcement.  Special topics A-Z

H3 Handicapped

Canadian KF adds:

L5 Licensing

KF 2326-2330 Railroad safety. Railroad sanitation

Include Accidents (Railroad)

KF 2400 Aviation. General

Space travel see KF 2471

[KF 2410 Aircraft]

KF 2531 Water Transportation.  Navigation and shipping. General

cf, KF 1104

KF 2558 Particular types of vessels A-Z

T8 Tugboats

Canadian KF adds:

H6 Hoverboats, aircushion vehicles (ACV's)
P36 Passenger ships

KF 2560 Particular types of cargo A-Z

H3 Hazardous substances

KF 2564 Water transporation.  Navigation and shipping. Special topics A-Z

A7 Architechture, Naval
C4 Charts
W7 Wrecks

Canadian KF adds:

E4 Electrical engineering

[KF 2590 Radar]

KF 2750 Press law

Include Mass media

[KF 2765.4 Telecommunication equipment]

[KF 2765.7 Internet. Legal aspects]

KF 2814 Radio broadcasting. General.

Copyright see KF3030.3

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