Mac's thoughts on microforms

AACR2's inadequacy for microforms is evidenced by the refusal on some agencies to implement its provisions.

Through Internet discussions, I have discovered that SLC is not alone in having difficulty integrating microform records created be various agencies using differing rules: usually ALA vs. AACR2.

Both these rules' solutions to microform cataloguing are unpopular with my OPAC and book catalogue customers, since the records produced using either rules produce a brief display which does not give needed information.

SLC as a compromise between the two modes of cataloguing microforms, applies AACR2 1988 revision 1.4G with the following result:

260 $aOxford [England] :$bClarendon Press,$c1890$e(Ann Arbor, Mich. :$fUniversity Microfilms,$g[1994).

The collation could give original pagination in curves after the SMD.

The same practice is used to create records for talking books produced by reading a particular print edition. The "item in hand" is both a representation of the original work, and a work in a new format. Both ALA and AACR2 rules relegate half of this information to notes.

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