QA 76 Automation

                  .15   Dictionaries and encyclopedias
                  .16   Communication of computer science information
                  .165    Language, authorship
                  .17   History
                  .2    Biography
                        .A2A-Z Collective
                        .A3-Z  Individual A-Z
                  .215  Directories
                  .23   Juvenile works
                  .24   Addresses, essays, lectures

                  .25   Vocational guidance
                  .27   Study and teaching, research
                  .28     Problems, exercises, examinations
                  .33     Computer camps
                  .38   Hybrid computers
                  .4    Analog computers
                  .5   Digital computers
                  .52   Juvenile works
                  .53   Time-sharing data processing
                  .54   Real-time data processing

                  .55   On-line data processing
                  .57   Special systems and services
                          .C44  ChemFile
                          .C65  CompuServe
                          .D18  Dialog
                          .D28  DataTimes
                          .D44  Delphi
                          .D8   Dun's
                          .F6   Financial post
                          .I2   ICC
                          .I5   Internet
                          .I54  Infremost
                          .I58  Insight
                          .P7   Profile
                          .Q4   QuickLaw
                          .Q5   Quicksearch
                          .S68  Source
                          .V8   VV Text
                          .W4   Westview

                  .6    Programming
                  .65     Visual programming
                  .71     Individual programs and operating systems
                          .C5  CICS
                          .D23 Dbase

             QA76.71      .D68 DOS
                          .D9  Dynix
                          .G8  GTE
                          .H2  Harvard
                               Hypercard see QA.76.8 M3
                          .L4  Lexis
                          .L6  Lotus
                          .M24 Mark IV
                          .M4  MH
                          .M5  Midas
                          .M58 Microsoft word
                           Microsoft Excel see QA76.71.E9
                          .M8  MS DOS
                          .M88 MVS
                          .N4  Nexis
                          .N6  Norton
                          .U5  Unix
                          .V2  Vax
                          .V8  VHOL
                          .V85 VIT
                          .W5  Windows
                          .W6  Wordperfect
                          .X4  Xlib

                   .72  Applications
                          .A7  Artificial intelligence
                          .B8  Business
                          .C5  City planning
                          .D4  Desktop publishing
                          .E2  Economics
                          .G6  Government
                          .I5  Information storage and retrieval systems
                          .I58 Insurance
                          .L4  Legal  (cf. KF 242)
                          .L5  Libraries
                          .M4  Medical
                               Municipal see .G6
                          .P6  Police
                               Public agencies see .G6
                          .R4  Research
                          .R6  Robotics
                          .T2  Tax
                          .V2  Vapor extraction
                          .W6  Word processing

                    .73  Individual languages
                           .A24  Algol
                           .A27  APL
                           .B3   Basic
                           .C25  Cobol
                           .D25  DRL
                           .F67  Fortran
                           .P25  PL/I
                           .R25  RPG

             QA76   .75  Periodicals, society, serials
                    .751 Congresses
                    .752 Dictionaries (cf. QA76.15)
                    .753 Catalogs
                    .754 General works (cf. QA76.6)
                    .755 Handbooks, tables, etc.
                    .756 Addresses, essays, lectures

                    .76  Special topics A-Z
                           .A87 Assemblers
                           .C4  Centres
                           .C5  Classification
                           .C65 Compilers
                           .D47 Development
                           .E4  Electronic data interchange
                           .E95 Expert systems
                           .G46 Generators
                           .I4  Images
                           .I5  Interfaces
                           .L6  Local area networks (LANs)
                           .M5  Microcomputers
                           .N44 Networks
                           .063 Operating systems (individual systems
                           .Q35 Quality control
                           .R44 Reliability
                           .R47 Reusability
                           .S4  Selection
                           .S64 Software maintenance
                           .S8  Standards
                           .T45 Teleprocessing monitors
                           .T48 Testing of software
                           .T49 Text editors
                           .T83 Translators
                           .U84 Utilities
                           .V47 Verification and validation of software

                    .765 Firm-ware

                    .8   Special computers
                           .I12  IBM 360
                           .I126 IBM PC
                           .U6   Univac
                           .U7   Ural
                           .V2   Vax (system QA76.76.V2)
                    .85  Fifth generation computers

                    .9   Other topics (prefer QA76.76 for software
                           .A23  Abstract data types
                           .A25  Access control
                                 Applications see QA76.71 A-Z

             QA76.9        .A73  Architecture, Computer
                           .A93  Auditing
                           .A955 Automatic hypothesis formation
                           .A96  Automatic theorem proving
                           .B38  Batch processing
                           .B84  Bulletin boards
                                 Camps see AQ76.33
                                 Computer architecture see .A73
                           .C3   CD ROM
                           .C62  Computer arithmetic
                           .C63  Computer capacity
                           .C64  Computer literacy
                                 Computer mathematics see .M35
                           .C643 Computer organization
                           .C65  Computer simulation
                           .C659 Computers and children
                           .C66  Computers and civilization
                           .D3   Data base management
                           .D32  Data bases
                           .D33  Data compression
                                 Data processing centres see QA76.76.C4
                           .D5   Distributed processing
                           .D6   Documentation
                           .E25  Economic aspects
                           .E94  Evaluation of computer performance
                           .E95  Evaluation of data processing activities
                                 Expert systems see QA76.76.E95
                           .F35  Computers and family
                           .F38  Fault tolerant computing
                           .F5   File organization
                           .G3   Game theory
                           .G68  Government policy
                           .G7   Graphics (cf QA76.76.I4)
                           .H36  Hashing
                           .I55  Input design
                           .I58  Interactive computer systems
                           .K48  Key boarding
                                 Local area networks see QA76.76.L6
                           .M3   Management
                           .M35  Mathematics, Computer
                           .M65  Moral and religious aspects
                                 Organization see .C643
                                 Networks see QA76.76.N44
                           .P4   Personnel
                           .P75  Psychological aspects
                           .R45  Remote job entry
                                 Software maintenance see QA76.76/S64
                           .S8   Standards
                           .S84  Structured techniques
                           .S88  System design
                           .T48  Text processing (cf QA76.72.W6)
                           .T7   Transborder data flow (cf QA76.76.E4)
                           .V5   Virtual computer systems


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